Portland Auto Theft Recovery

Theft Recovery Interior Detailing

When cars are recovered they tend to have been lived in for a week or months. Most of what we see are cars that have little to no damage but are complete BIO hazards inside. The abandoned contents range from other stolen personal items to needles, blood, urine, old food remnants, cigarette butts, and just really stinky in general. A strong percentage of people feel so violated that they want to just total their car. Unless law enforcement has emptied out the vehicle, we recommend that the contaminated contents be left in place for us to dispose of. A strong percentage of these theft recovery’s have had some form of drug use. We Offer Drug testing on all vehicles if needed. This service is not mandatory but very informative on the types of drugs used, saturation levels through out the interior and allows insurance companies to determine if the vehicle will be a total loss. 

AutoPrada sees approximately eight to fifteen theft recoveries per week.

Most of these resemble the same pattern. Stinky, dirty and full of junk.

Our detailing method is modified from the traditional interior detail as we use Active enzymes combined with an Ozone Treatment. Using both of these significantly helps remove the bacteria and odor that the other stinky human has left behind. Give us a call or drop an email if you have any further questions. We also provide Interior repairs & glass installation.

Anticipate significant amounts of drug residue will be found. Don’t be alarmed. AutoPrada’s BIO specialists can decontaminate your vehicle to remove all traces of the hazardous drug substances.

The vehicle decontamination process typically takes 1-3 days depending on:

    • extent of disassembling vehicle parts needed to access all effected areas
    • the substances detected during the initial inspection
    • extent of cleaning required
    • reassembly of the vehicle parts

A complete vehicle decontamination happens in 3 stages:

  1. Removing all items from the vehicle including weapons, sharps, drug paraphernalia, junk, and personal items
  2. Sanitizing to neutralize and eliminate the illicit drugs, any bloodborne pathogens, bodily fluids, and other risk hazards
  3. Cleaning using extensive rigorous procedures to guarantee there are no traces left behind
  • Ozone will destroy microorganisms such as; Bacteria, viruses, molds, allergens, pathogens, coli, salmonella, listeria, staphylococcus
  • Ozone Destroys odors from fire, smoke, tobacco, pets, skunks, sewage, spoiled food, urine, body odor, death, water damage, fire, and much, much more!
Not only is the decontamination process essential for removing dangerous items, sanitizing and deep cleaning remove any leftover hidden drug residue that can affect you. This is the best detailing your vehicle will ever receive. Above is a map from our Hero’s at PDX Stolen Cars on Facebook showing the common location of the car thefts in the Metropolitan area. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with us click HERE. Feel free to text us a few pics if you’d like to 503-335-6969. We will get back quickly.

AutoPrada's Proprietary Decontamination Solution

AutoPrada uses a new revolutionary decontaminant that destroys organic compounds, specifically narcotics like Fentanyl and Heroin. The powerful formula is composed of a potent oxidizing agent, Sodium Chlorite, and a proprietary blend of other ingredients that work together at the molecular level to effectively degrade these dangerous drugs.

Unlike other decontaminants in the market, our decontamination solution uses a low concentration of Sodium Chlorite, making it safer to use without protective equipment and achieving the lowest toxicity category. Third party scientific testing has proven that our decontaminant product can degrade Fentanyl and Heroin in just 60 seconds!

With a non-corrosive, non-reactive, and non-caustic composition, this product is perfectly safe for use on skin and eliminates odors. It has a pH of 9.2, ensuring that it won’t cause any irritation or harm to the skin.

Our Product is the perfect solution for investigating narcotic crimes and ensuring the safety of officers, first responders and gear. With its fast-acting formula and safe composition, it can effectively decontaminate surfaces, equipment, or clothing that have been contaminated with Fentanyl or Heroin.

In addition to its impressive decontaminating capabilities, AutoPrada's decontamination product is also safe and eco-friendly. The product is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and biodegradable, making it a responsible choice for our organization to reduce our environmental footprint.


What is Xylazine?

Xylazine has become a massive threat in the United States, but what is Xylazine? It is a powerful sedative that is primarily used as a veterinary medicine to sedate large animals. Typically used for animals like horses during surgical procedures. However, it is also used illicitly as a recreational drug. Often in combination with other substances such as fentanyl, heroin or cocaine. When used illicitly, it is often referred to as “Tranq”, “Tranq Dope”, “sleep-cut”, “Philly Dope” or “Zombie Drug” in slang or street terms. The drug has been referred to as a zombie drug because it has the ability to rot skin.

The sedative belongs to a class of drugs known as alpha-2 adrenergic agonists. It acts by depressing the central nervous system. Xylazine is a potent drug with a high potential for abuse and dependence. When used recreationally, it can produce a range of effects. Most notably are sedation, drowsiness, and a feeling of dissociation or detachment from reality. However, these effects can be unpredictable and vary depending on the dose and method of administration.

Xylazine can also have serious side effects, particularly when used in high doses or in combination with other drugs. These can include respiratory depression, seizures, coma, and even death. In addition, the use of xylazine can lead to physical and psychological dependence, which can make it difficult to stop using the drug even in the face of serious negative consequences.

What is Fentanyl? Synthetic Opioid

Fentanyl has become a massive threat in the United States, but what is fentanyl? The drug is a powerful synthetic opioid that is used medically to treat severe pain, such as pain from surgery. The drug is estimated to be 50 to 100 times more potent thanmorphine. It is also used recreationally as an illicit drug and is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). As a result, the narcotic has high potential for abuse and addiction. Consequently, the illicit drug is available in several forms, including as a pill or tablet, powder, transdermal patch, lozenge, and even a nasal spray. The synthetic opioid is also sometimes mixed with other drugs, such as marijuana (weed), heroin, cocaine, xylazine (tranq, zombie drug) and others to increase their potency. This practice, known as “cutting” has led to a significant increase in fentanyl overdose deaths.

Portland will likely end 2021 with more car thefts than any year since 1995 – KOIN segment