Exterior Detailing

Exterior Car Detailing

Our standard 2 step paint correction is performed all painted surfaces which removes light superficial imperfections and draws the deep color to the surface. The exterior is then hand waxed with our high grade Carnauba paste wax, Long Term Poly Based Sealant or a Ceramic Coating if that’s what’s preferred.

Following, all rubber and vinyl is treated with a water based protectant, the glass is then polished and cleaned. We then finish the exterior by Q Tipping & detail brushing all cracks & gently wiping the surfaces with hi grade micro fiber towels.

  • We also offer paint correction services as an ad on to our standard exterior service. This includes but are is not limited to Clay Bar Treatment, Color Sanding, Variable levels of Compounding and Cutting.
  • Trim Refinishing is also a big hit with people today. Most newer cars have blacked out trim that can oxidize, flake off or just look aged. We offer a refinishing service for various types of Substrates from Aluminum, Steel, Plastic & Vinyl.
  • Speaking of Vinyl, we also remove vinyl logos, old ClearBra material, wraps and other insignia’s on exteriors of cars, vans and large Semi Tractors.