Complete Auto Detailing

Quality Matters

What truly differentiates AutoPrada from our competitors is our professional approach to what we perceive as a superior standard of quality and service. We clearly understand the paramount importance of courteous, conscientious attention and completing the service correctly the first time. Important details as timely completion, extensive attention to every detail further define AutoPrada’s exceptional commitment to every one of our clients. AutoPrada offers an extensive selection of services to meet the needs of everyone from the general motorist to the connoisseur of eclectic and exotic automobiles. Following is a description of detail and cosmetic repair services we currently offer.

The Complete Detail

Our service begins with a preparation and cleaning of the body, engine and all exterior related components, this is considered the wet work. The vehicle is then thoroughly dried with a chamois & air hoses. The paint cleaned with a bug & tar remover.

Our standard 2 step machine polish is applied to all painted surfaces which removes light superficial imperfections and draws the deep color to the surface. The exterior is then hand waxed with our high grade Carnauba paste wax.

Following, all rubber and vinyl is treated with a water based protectant, the glass is then polished and cleaned. We then finish the exterior by Q Tipping & detail brushing all cracks & gently wiping the surfaces with hi grade cotton & micro fiber towels.

The interior detail begins with a preemptive vacuum to determine the issues within. All cloth, vinyl and leather surfaces are cleaned with non aggravating solutions including the headliner, seats, door panels, carpets and the tough to get to crevasses including the trunk assembly.

All interior glass is then cleaned and an organic fogger is disbursed if necessary through the interior to help eliminate the chances of bacteria buildup in the future.

Pre-Sale Detailing

Detailing your car prior to selling is almost a guaranteed sale. People tend to identify with the cosmetic condition of a vehicle first, that impression can either taint or compliment the beginning of a potential sale. Our Pre Sale detail involves the same routine as the Complete Detail but with a bit less ATD (attention to detail). This service is still very thorough and definitely adds compliment to the sale.

Concourse & Special Event Preparation

We designed this service for the individual or group seeking to raise top points or just command one heck of a reputation for a meticulously detailed vehicle. This service traditionally will take approximately three to four days and involves the dismantling of various exterior and interior parts to ultimately achieve that flawless and sanitary appeal.

Oxidation Correction & Removal

Consider dry chapped skin, painted surfaces react similar to ultraviolet exposure as our skin does, removing oxidation depends on the type of paint and how deep the problem has set in. If the problem can be remedied, there will have to be regular polishing and waxing maintenance to keep this problem at bay, usually about three polish and wax sessions over six month intervals.

Clay Bar Process

The clay bar application was originally designed for the removal of railhead dust that attached itself to vehicles painted surfaces while in transport on trains from the manufacturer. It is also used for the removal of many forms of airborne coatings or sometimes referred to as over spray. This process lifts the debris from the surface as well as cleaning the micro pores of the finish. Check out the different types of airborne coatings at our over spray toggle to the left.

Paintless Dent Removal

Shopping carts, the handle bar on little Timmy’s bike or the unexpected mall encounter. Door dings are common and most of us do not see them until a nice sunny day catches the reflection usually causing serious mental distress! Most dings and small creases can be removed with this process within a couple of hours.
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Paint Touch Up

This service is designed to fill Rock chips, shallow scratches and deep scuffs that have given way to an unsightly array of imperfections on your cars nose, side panels and other common areas, the repair is permanent and color matching is exact.
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Plastic Bumper Repair

Most modern era cars have poly bumpers, when this material is superficially damaged, it can usually be spot repaired without removing the bumper. Today’s technology in color matching and the ability to correctly hide a blended area makes this service ideal for a quick and cost efficient remedy usually taking about five hours.
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Mold & Moisture Remediation

Mold is a dangerous animal and the remediation of it takes careful handling. Mold spores are carried in the air and may be present all year long in your car. Mold can be extremely toxic and cause strong allergic reactions. If you car has been taking water inside the interior, the leak must be tracked and repaired first, then the necessary interior parts must be removed and properly treated, dried and reinstalled.
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Leather, Vinyl & Cloth Dyeing

Pen marks on the leather seats, bleach spill on the carpet… these are common problems and can be remedied through dyeing. This service is permanent and color matching is exact.

Over spray & Coatings Removal

Even a slight wind can carry most airborne contaminants far beyond a work site. These airborne particles can damage most any surface and may drift for several miles. Check out our over spray toggle to the left for more information.
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Cafeteria Style Service

AutoPrada will also provide stand alone services like Exterior or Interior detailing, engine cleaning, etcetera.

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Mold remediation in car leather seat