BIO Hazard Cleanup & Remediation

What is BIO Hazard Cleanup & Remediation?

It is important to understand that the clean up of BIO hazard waste in a cars interior is no light matter. Exposure to Blood borne Pathogens, Urine, Fecal Matter, Vomit & OPIM (Other Potentially Infectious Materials) from human & animals can pose serious health risks. We have the knowledge, experience, & tooling to correctly clean up these problems. Following is a list of incidents that require professional BIO hazard clean up.

  • Feces or urine on interior materials

  • Rodent infestation within the direct interior components or ventilation system
  • Vomit from adult or child on interior materials
  • Blood borne pathogens from humans or animals
  • Drug-related paraphernalia removal
  • Remediation of blood borne matter due to fatality

The service traditionally requires between 2 & 3 days for correct clean up. Incidents that involve the clean up of Blood borne Pathogens will need to be inspected prior to scheduling.