Frequently Asked Questions

If I no show will you re-book me ?

A: Maybe…… But if you are price checking the industry and you book with us then cancel at the last minute because you found somewhere cheaper, No, we will not re book you. Please take care of your due diligence prior to occupying valuable space on our calendar !

How much time should I expect to leave my car for a complete detail?

A: Typically one full day unless we run into unusual circumstances i.e. excessive dog hair, mold from moisture saturation or that unusually dirty Suburban that’s been hauling eight kids for an unknown period of time.

Can I take my car to automated car washes after a detail?

A: We hope not… these are typically abrasive and will dull the finish and strip the wax, touchless washes over compensate with chemicals. Stay away!! And we hate that stupid Tape that’s always left on the rear wipers driving around town.

Will my interior be dry when I pick up my car?

A: Yes. We use carpet & upholstery extractors that use nominal pressure combined with temperatures ranging from 125 to 190 deg which greatly enhances the dry time of the surface fibers all the way down to the weave of carpet.

Do you use non-aggravating solutions for interior detailing?

A: The solutions we use in the interior detail process are all non aggravating and water based. Upon request we can offer an organic cleaning product if this concerns you. There is an added charge for this. Organic products act a bit differently in automotive interiors…ask me and I will give you the jist.

Why should I detail my car during bad weather or off season?

A: The key to longevity of paint & interiors is to correctly & frequently maintain them. Regardless of the wet or dry seasons, the environment will continue to dish out unexpected surprises, most of which you do not see until a nice dry day. Proper cleaning maintenance routines combined with Polishing & Waxing will set a hard barrier on the paint to help eliminate the slow destruction of your finish & will also keep the bacteria levels down in the interior thus reducing sickness for you. BAM !

Refund Policy

As most small businesses, We are always concerned about our customers satisfaction. If a customer inquires about a refund, we do not administer a refund upon that request. We require the customer to allow us to see the issue prior to making a decision. Autobella also requires a maximum ten day notification as to the cause and effect of the complaint. If complaint is outside of the ten day window we will consider it null.

Can I get a ride?

A: Probably not, but we will call you an UBER.

My interior has stains. Can you get them all out?

A: We are successful most of the time. Most organic or food based stains come out. Black coffee is a bit tough depending on the material. But there is always the unknown.

Can you eliminate odors?

A: This depends on the problem. Bile & Urine by human or beast is always difficult. If it has soaked deep into the foam of the seat, we usually have to replace the foam. Mold and water leak odors can usually be remedied through a cold water Enzymes & Ozone. Dairy is also something that has to have Enzymes applied. We always follow up with an Ozone treatment.

How long will the Polish & Wax last?

A: This depends on the care of the painted surface. Any automated car wash system is not going to be good for the finish regardless if it is touchless. Hand Washing is always best. This will ensure a good 6 to 9 months of protection.

How does water effect when cleaning the engine?

A: Each car responds differently to moisture in the engine compartment. Factors like age, model & general condition weigh strong in the end result when it comes to functionality.  Autobella will not be responsible for potential water damage or operational malfunction of a vehicle due to cleaning of the engine or related parts during the detail process. We will let you know what is best at the time of drop of.

If you don’t see an answer to your question here, please contact us.